Your own girlfriend is enjoyable, flirty, and hot as hell—but is actually she the kind of girl you should spend rest of yourself with?

That’s a question that merely it is possible to answer, but we are right here to assist where we are able to. We requested Washington D.C.-based psychologist
Alicia H. Clark
to weigh in on which, exactly, can make a woman «wife material.» Here you will find the signs you ought to be trying to find before you decide to pop the question (or, signs you need to pop the question ASAP).

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What is the no. 1 signal she is spouse material?

The most significant indication she is «the one» is when you feel much more comfortable—not significantly less comfortable—as the connection progresses. This means the more you are able to understand their, the more you really feel like you can unwind and stay yourself around her. Everybody is on their very best behavior at the beginning of a relationship, but things need to have much better, not worse, as you both permit your own protections down.

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Just what are other indicators you may be prepared dedicate?

Another good indication: If you can see the next with her—or rather, in the event that you


‘t see the next


the lady. Discover a big change between going through the moves of wanting the next together and in actual fact witnessing a future together, nevertheless. It really is something to nod along when she discusses your future youngsters together, or even to approach a vacation three months out. When you start immediately including her within future programs in your head—10, 20, 30 years down the line—then you’ll know that she’s more than just a serious union.

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How important is actually intercourse throughout this?

Intercourse is actually


essential in a relationship. The sex does not have is mind-blowing—after all, intercourse gets better as time passes, in a relationship—but your sex-life must be rewarding, and you both must be willing to give and take. It is likely you don’t discover someone with a libido that matches right up completely to your own website at all times, but it’s crucial that


of you need to make both pleased.

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Give and take is definitely vital outside and inside with the room, won’t you say?

Absolutely. And that’s another great signal she actually is wife material—if she is the type of individual who’s prepared to both give and take. You want an individual who can give resources, instance time, interest, and cash, to get you to pleased, nevertheless also want a person that is actually independent and ready to end up being a partner—not a doormat. She really wants to allow you to be happy because she cares in regards to you, not because she is like she’s to. That you do not «total» the girl; she actually is with you because she wants you, not because she demands you.

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Is-it a terrible indication if you should be having worries about matrimony and dedication typically?

It is not a bad signal. Having doubts is actually normal, and they are usually not regarding relationship at all—they’re frequently about yourself, perhaps not her. Will you be scared of dedication because you’re scared of shedding the freedom, or could you be afraid of dedication to


? If you should be having doubts about relationship in general, you’re probably fine. However, if you’re having concerns about wedding your sweetheart, for the reason that exactly how she allows you to feel, or exactly how she addresses you, you might should get one step straight back.

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